How to Respond to WhatsApp Messages Automatically?

WhatsApp Messages

Long back after the launch of WhatsApp, every messaging app went back and WhatsApp took the market all over the world. Today’s modern worlds always require everyone one of us to be in constant contact with our parents, our relatives, co-workers and most importantly with our friends. Calling is one of the methods to be in constant touch with friends.

But as said before, after the launch of WhatsApp, a new era of communication began. Messaging becomes a common thing daily. Every mobile these days include’s most importantly this messaging app.

We use mobiles phone all time of the day and calling whenever we wanted is our daily routine. What happens when you are in a meeting? You might miss some of the important calls of some normal calls. Probably if you want the other side person know that you are busy, you might have activated the auto-respond features for the call.

This feature helps to let the other person know that you are busy and will catch up later. But what if the other person messaged you something and you are unable to reply as you are in some other work. There is no reply like autoresponder for SMS. You might find some app like in the play store that might help you in resolving this issue.

WhatsApp Messages

But after the launch of WhatsApp, normal messaging has reduced and all the communication is carried out in the WhatsApp. What if you got a message in WhatsApp and you are not in a situation to reply. How to let the other person know you are busy.

Have you ever thought of a feature like for a specific type of message, a specific type of message is to be sent by default without you to open the WhatsApp? How it looks. It helps a lot when you are busy and unable to reply. We are here to make this possible with your device. You can set some messages to be sent by default with some extra features like a different type of messages to different contacts and groups and many more.

The below the procedure that you need to follow to make autoresponder in WhatsApp and you can always make the other person informed or you can be default reply some message to specific message received. Proceed below to know.

Installing AutoResponder for WhatsApp Beta

Before installing Whatsapp AutoResponder let us see what are the some of the notable features of this app.


  • Send replies to all messages
  • Auto reply to WhatsApp
  • React to specific messages
  • Perfect for business
  • Live answer replacements
  • Reply with the current location
  • Works with groups
  •  Set contacts
  • Send automatic replies to your friends
  • Individually customizable
  • Works as a Tasker plugin
  • Set delay
  • Specific times and days
  • Dialogflow. com integration (formerly

Download Autoresponder for WhatsApp

Procedure to install:

  • First thing is to download the AutoResponder app. This app is currently in the beta stage and will become available soon. Find the app in play store and install it.
  • After installing the app open the app and you will be first asked for notification access. Press the green button and it will open settings tab
  • On the settings page, grant access to notification for the app and this feature is required for the app to read the notification. By notifications the will know that a message arrives.

This app is free to use but it also had a pro version which is same as the free version but gives some extra control over the messages to be sent. If you want those consider buying the pro version.

Procedure to use 

  • Open the app and after granting notification access you will see the screen where you will have a plus symbol. click on this symbol.
  • After clicking you will be asked for the messages for which the app is required to respond. you can set the app to respond to a particular message or to all the messages. For replying to all messages type * and for a particular message type the message.
  • Now after typing the messaged to which you want to reply, scroll down and you will see cards. Under the reply message type, the message that you want to sent for the above-received message.
  • Now select which message should be sent to a specific contact or all contacts or groups to which the message should be sent.
  • After scrolling more you will find the space for contact to which the message to be sent specifically. One worst feature of this app is it doesn’t allow to select a contact. You have to manually type the full contact name exactly, so make sure you type it correctly.
  • After setting the contacts and everything else as mentioned above you are done with the setting and you can save it. Click on the tick symbol and the AutoResponder will be created.
  • In a similar manner, you can add more autoresponders and use its complete features.

Hope this post helped a lot. Do share your views in comments below!