How To Flash LG Stock Firmware or ROM [Works on all LG Devices]

How To Flash LG Stock Firmware/ ROM (All Models)
How To Flash LG Stock Firmware/ ROM (All Models)

If you are looking for some guidance on How To Flash LG Stock Firmware or ROM then this post will help you out.

Android device is the most popular device all over the world and it offers unlimited customizations and features. Android is increasing its user count day by day with constant updates and features that attract us. If you are an android geek you must have tried the method of installing a custom ROM or any other customization to your Android device.

You must know one thing important is that when installing a custom ROM always we do not get the results as you expected and you might get somewhere wrong and you are stuck with your device in the brick mode. Brick mode or any other scenario your device stops working.

So without wasting, let’s see How To Flash LG Stock Firmware (.KDZ)/ ROM or Install Stock Firmware on LG Devices.

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Flash LG Stock Firmware/ ROM (All LG Devices)

How To Flash LG Stock Firmware or ROM [Works on all LG Devices]
Install Stock Firmware on LG Devices
When such unexpected circumstances arise you will be in dilemma what to do and we have a method to save you and your device. You in such situation should install the stock ROM or firmware and will get the latest updated OS features.

If you have an LG device and yo have gone into such unexpected condition you can follow the below step to install the custom ROM on your device and get it back working.

Try at your own risk! Any mistake has the potential to brick your LG device. won’t be responsible for it!


Before we get started with “Install/Flash a KDZ Firmware on LG Devices” we need to do some preparation steps.

  • First and most important we mention in any step is to backup all your data. We don’t want you to lose your data in case of unexpected circumstances so, first of all, take a complete backup of all your data.
  • And charge your device to full because we don’t want to stop the process in the middle as this process takes some time and some power is required.
  • The computer we are using in this process must not have antivirus enabled. If enabled please turn it off as it blocks the process.

Download Flash Tools

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Guide to Flash LG Stock Firmware

  • Download and Install all the tools from the above download section.
  • Switch off your device. Then simultaneously pressing the two volume buttons to connect the device to the computer. If everything goes well you will see a firmware download mode with “Firmware Update ” written on the top of the screen.
Steps To Flash LG Stock Firmware (.KDZ)/ ROM (All Models)
Flash LG Stock Firmware (.KDZ)
  • After this launch the LG Flash Tool that you installed on your computer. Make sure the select Type should be CDMA and then select the already downloaded KDZ file in the second step from the drive where it is stored and then click on the option CSE Flash.
  • Click on the Start Button.
  • Now in the next step, select the language, region & also asks to clear phone registry and click ok button.
  • Wait for a while and once done Reboot your device.
  • That’s it! You have successfully Flash LG Stock Firmware.

Final Words

That’s all about How to Flash LG Stock Firmware or Install Stock ROM (.KDZ) on any LG smartphones.

Now after all the steps are done properly the flashing process will start and wait until the process is done and reboot your device. Follow the steps properly and don’t leave any steps which will lead to damage to your LG mobile.

Got any questions on How to Flash LG Stock Firmware? Any issues do mention in the comment section and we will try to help you out!

Happy Flashing! Cheers 🙂