How to Install Huawei P20 Pro Camera Module on Any Honor Devices [Root]

How to Install Huawei P20 Pro Camera Module on Any Honor Devices [Root]

The mobile manufacturing company Huawei is creating a trend in the market with its constant out of boundary updated to the mobile. To be a more specific update in terms of camera. You must have known about the dual camera feature which has become a trend in the recent mobiles. And we tell you that Huawei was the first one to adopt a dual camera. Here in this post we have shared Huawei P20 Pro Camera Module for all Huawei Devices.

And as this feature is already included by all the major companies, Huawei wanted now another best to introduce to become trending. this time it is trying to include 3 cameras and this is going viral all over. There are rumours passing all over that the three cameras will be the next update from Huawei. But there is also opposition to this saying this is just a marketing trick played by the company, but to be sure about the topic the pictures that are taken on this camera is the best and we may expect this feature to come.

How to Get Huawei P20 Pro Camera on Any Honor Device [Root Required]

You might have heard about the DxOmark. If not, this is a mobile camera benchmarking software that will give scores based on the quality of the picture. Now we will tell you the scores of different mobiles and let you decide how best the quality of the camera is.This first we tell is the score of Samsung S9 which had a score of 99 and the device from Google which then become trend saying the best camera had a score of 98. But the highest score is given to Huawei p20 a score of 102 and now the score of 109 is given to Huawei Pro. Now you might think the difference is very less but that makes a large difference.

We are judging the cameras based on an online software, we are just giving you a picture of the scores that are going all over. we never speak of the camera based on the benchmark score because we don’t know how accurate the results are because we know currency makes anything possible and we are not sure where the currency exchanges.

Huawei P20 Pro Camera Module

But to talk about the camera, Huawei is making quite good updates in terms of camera and the improvements are above other companies. The company is making the update better and gave an interface to look like iPhone. The best features of the camera app are that it developed it similar to iPhone like you don’t need to go to the top buttons to change the camera, just a swipe is enough and also many features.

These new updates may not be available to you even though you update to the latest EMUI 8.1. But we are going to tell you how to do that.

An XDA developer and senior member LastStandingDroid were able to get his hands on the firmware from Huawei and this 8.1 firmware is based on Android 8.1.He also made a stock Themes from Huawei Pro wallpapers and themes. He made the updated camera app as a Magisk can install this with the help of Magisk rooted device.


  • You need an Android device and also the process is comfortable with Device running on EMUI 8.0.
  • And the device must be rooted which is an important requirement.
  • The device must be rooted in the Magisk framework as the module is a Magisk module. If not, Download Magisk !

Download Huawei P20 Pro Camera Magisk Module

Installation of Huawei P20 Pro Camera Module

  • After downloading the camera module from the above link launch the Magisk manager.
  • Go to modules from the side drawer.
  • Now in modules press on the + symbol which stands for add a module.

How to Get Huawei P20 Pro Camera on Any Honor Device [Root Required]

  • Now you will be asked to select the module.
  • Move to the folder where the downloaded is present and select the zip file.
  • Now you will find the commands running on the screen and wait until the installation is complete.

How to Get Huawei P20 Pro Camera on Any Honor Device [Root Required]

  • After some time you will see three options Close, Save Log and Reboot. 
  • Click on reboot option, now your device will reboot and you are done you have the latest camera installed have a try to the best camera app.

Sample Screenshots

How to Get Huawei P20 Pro Camera on Any Honor Device [Root Required]

How to Get Huawei P20 Pro Camera on Any Honor Device [Root Required]

To Wrap up

Hope this article helped you a lot on Installation of Huawei P20 Pro Camera Module on any Honor Smartphones which requires a rooted device. If you are facing any issues while trying this, let us know in comments below! Stay tuned for more!