How to Enable OEM Unlocking On Any Android Device?

How to Enable OEM Unlocking On Any Android Device?

Android is the most used device in the world because of its customization availability and its awesome features. Android will give the user some of the advanced tools to try our own customizations using different ROMS. But if you want to install custom ROMS you need to enable bootloader on your android device. This post is all about How to Enable OEM Unlocking on Any Android Smartphones.

After the introduction of Lollipop version of Android, a restriction has kept for enabling bootloader. In order to enable bootloader, you need to first unlock OEM. And here we will be talking you the procedure to unlock the OEM on your Android device.

Steps to Enable OEM Unlocking

How to Enable OEM Unlocking On Any Android Device?
Enable OEM Unlocking

If you want to unlock your bootloader, install a custom recovery or root the device you will be required to enable OEM unlocking on your device. It allows the users to modify system partitions and system files. If you are trying to Root your device or install Custom ROM then you have to enable OEM Unlocking. Here is a quick guide to Enable OEM Unlocking On Any Android Device.

Take Backup

The first and foremost step in the process is to take a back up. Before proceeding to any step in any installation steps, you need to take a complete backup so that if something does not work as expected you can always restore using the backup file. That is the reason for every method that we are doing with the Android device we will be asking to do the backup as the primary and the most important step.


Developer Options

Now after taking the backup, we need to enable the developer option from the settings this can be done by following the steps below

  • Now move on to the settings.
  • You will find the option Of phone. Click on about phone option.
  • Now there an Option called Build number.  Click on this for 7 times and it will be displayed in short at the bottom that developer options are enabled. You might check this by tapping more than 7 times and it will say you are already a developer.

How to Enable OEM Unlocking On Any Android Device?

  • Now go back to setting home and find the option called developer option. This option is only available only if the developer options are enabled on your device.

Activating OEM Unlock

Now you have successfully enabled the developers’ options and proceed as below to complete the required unlocking of OEM

  • Move back to settings.
  • Now click on developers options.
  • Scroll down until you find the option called as “Allow OEM Unlocking”.

How to Enable OEM Unlocking On Any Android Device?

  • To the right side, a toggle button is available. click to toggle and enable it from the popup.
  • For security reasons, you will be asked for the pin or password of your device.

To Wrap Up

If you have all the steps carefully you have successfully unlocked OEM on your device. Now you can do anything with your Android device with its unlimited customizations and many more to come.

If you want to Disable OEM unlock, then you can Download Super SU and give a try to it.

Hope this article is kinda useful to Enable OEM Unlocking On your Android Device. If you are facing any issues, then let us know in comments below. Stay tuned for more tutorials!