How to Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2018 [All Pattern/Password Remover]

How to Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2018 Pattern/Password Remover
Download Android Multi Tools 2018

Usage of mobile devices in increasing tremendously around the world and it is expected to grow exponentially in the coming decade because of increasing technology and changing lifestyle. All over the world, there are billions of active device containing all the information of the persons. Everyone using an android device wants to protect data and their mobile and hence tries various locks for the mobile device. This post is all about How to Download Android Multi Tools and Remove Android Pattern or Password.

The android device comes with inbuilt security features like pattern lock, pin lock and face lock and more in advanced devices. And as we keep a certain password for our device, it is common that sometimes we forget our password and we will be unable to unlock the phone. In such situations, you have to move to a service station to unlock the phone. And what most of the service stations do is they erase all the data and this results in the loss of important data on your android device.

How to Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2018 Pattern/Password Remover
Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2018

Today we are here to help you solve the problem if you forget your android device password. We will be using a software called as Android Multi Tools v1.02b.  This software has many features and can be used for some extra features but here we will be using it to unlock the phone in case if you forget the password for unlocking the phone. But we will also be talking about the remaining features of this software also.

Let’s see How to Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b 2018 Pattern/Password Remover.

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b

Download the latest version of Android Multi Tools v1.02b from below link

Features of Android Multi Tools

  • Ability to Reset a forgotten Gmail ID
  • Ability to completely Wipe data from a device
  • Ability to reboot in a Single Click
  • Ability to exit fastboot mode in a single click
  • Ability to launch the command prompt in a single click
  • Ability to check software and hardware information.
  • Ability to check device status
  • Ability to Reset Password or Pin lock
  • Ability to reset face data / Gesture (Pattern) lock
  • Ability to check the status of the device in fastboot mode
  • Ability to Wipe data or cache in fastboot mode


Before we get started with the procedure to unlock the device we need to take care of something important. Follow each step carefully or else you will be in trouble of losing the data.

  • You will be requiring a computer for this procedure. We will be connecting the android device to the system and with the help of pc we will try to unlock the locked android device
  • Download the latest ADB drivers on to the computer. ADB drivers are those which are useful for connecting the android device to the computer. Download it from below.
  • And now in order for the Android Multi Tools to work, we will be requiring extra drivers to be installed on the computer. Download them from below.

Steps to Use Android Multi Tools v1.02b

Android Multi Tools is an easy to use software with very simple steps involved. You just do as we guided and you will solve your own problem without any errors.

  • As mentioned we are using Android Multi Tools software. So foremostly you must download this software from above.
  • After downloading the software, extract the zipped file to the computer which you will be using for this procedure.
  • Now install the software and wait for the installation to complete.
  • After Installing click on Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file and this will run the file,
  • All the permissions that the software is requiring will be displayed and click okay to grant all the permissions required by the software.
  • Now a window with graphical user Interface will be opened and now our procedure starts.
  • Now you need to press some numeric key and each key has its own function and all the functions are explained below.
  • If we press 1 then the device status and basic information related to the device model and ID will be displayed
  • If we press 2 then we can reset the password and this is the feature we will be talking about this method and this is the most useful feature of this software. After pressing 2 it will provide you with the instructions and follow them carefully and your password will be removed and you can open your device without the password
  • If we press 3 then all the face data ad gesture lock data if available will be erased from the device and with our these locks you can unlock the device.
  • If we press 4 then your Google ID to which the mobile is associated will be reset.
  • And if we press 5 then all the data that is available on the device will be erased and the device is like empty and new.
  • Pressing 7 we will be given the status of the device during fastboot and this is most helpful in situations of flashing and installing custom ROMS.

Final Words

We hope our guide helped you Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b. In this manner, we can unlock the device if we forget the password or pin of the android device. If you are facing any issues regarding the software do let us know below in the comments and we will help you out.

For more questions, queries and other related comments on ROMs and Rooting for Android devices, do comment below! Stay tuned for more updates!