How to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages using WhatsRemoved App

How to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages using WhatsRemove App

This post is all about How to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages? There are few methods which help you view deleted WhatsApp Messages. But most of them, won’t work as good as expected. But here we gonna use an app called WhatsRemoved, which will help you better on this!

Whatsapp the most used messaging and chatting app is rolling out new features then and now. The most waited feature of WhatsApp, the message delete option is out and is getting some good response. Initially kept the time limit to delete the message as 7 minutes and later the time is changed to almost 68 minutes. You can delete the message with 68 minutes after sending the message. And if you delete the message, a message like  “This message was deleted” will appear to the other person on the chat in place of the deleted message.

If you are new to internet messaging (IM) then you must check this detailed How to use WhatsApp guide.

If you ever see that the message was deleted, then you become curious o find out what is the message that is deleted. you can try the most of the ways to find out the message and no hard luck. We are here to tell you a way to find the deleted message without asking the person who deleted the message.

Here we will be using an app called as WhatsRemoved. This app is available in the play store as is free of cost. You can download the app for free from the play store and follow the procedure to see all future deleted messages.

This app does not do something that is exciting. It just your notifications to find the messages and whenever a certain message is deleted this app shows you that message. WhatsRemove do not related to WhatsApp in any manner and is not released by Whatsapp. It is a third party app developed some developer to read the deleted messages using the notifications of your device.

You can install the app from the below,

Developer: Development Colors
Price: Free

After downloading the app from the above link install the app on your Android device and let us move to use this app. First thing is that this app needs some of the permissions to be able to show you the deleted messages. Check the below one to find the permissions that are required by the app.

How to Grant Permissions?

As we told you before this app reads your device notification to find the messages that you receive.So in order to read the notifications, the app needs permission to the notifications. Just launch the app and the app will ask your permission to the notifications. Just click allow to grant notifications reading permissions.

How to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages using WhatsRemove App
Grant Permission

Basically, the app has three types of methods to make you available for the messages that are deleted and each of these methods needs separate permissions. after launching the app you will see these three options. The first method uses the notifications and files in your storage and notifies you about the changes when a message is deleted.
The second message uses only the notifications to read the messages and lets you see the messages that are deleted

And the third method uses files on your device to find for the changes and whenever a message has deleted the files are changed and then the app notifies you about the changes and lets you see the deleted messages. This method even shows you the deleted photos and text messages

If you wanted to see both the text and photos that are being deleted then use the recommended first method that required both notification access and files access.

So when you select the first option a pop-up will appear to ask your permission to grant access. When you click all, you will be redirected to the settings page. There on the settings page enable the permissions to the app that is granted notification access and go back to the app.

Setup WhatsRemoved App

Yes, now you are ready by granting all the permissions that are required by the app. Now after opening the app go to setting to see what are the options that are available. You will find settings on the third tab. One setting that is to be noted is that Improve the notification deletion system. This will make the app run a persistent notification and prevent from being stopped and run continuously in the background. another set is the notifications that will come whenever a message is deleted and alert you to see the deleted message.

How to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages using WhatsRemove App

As told before if you wanted to see the deleted images also then the permission to the system files is must and this allows to show even the images that are deleted. And automatic downloads of the media is must for the images to be shown.

View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

How to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages using WhatsRemove App
Source: Droidviews. com

Now you are done with the settings and all the permission. You are now good to go. When even a message is deleted you can view that deleted message in this app and never miss any message. If notifications are enabled, whenever a message is deleted, WhatsRemove will alert you with a notification that a message is deleted and click on the notification to view the deleted message.

Hope this article helps you with How to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages using WhatsRemove App. If you have any other better tip to View Deleted WhatsApp messages then let us know in comment section below. Stay tuned for more updates!