How To Use CloudFlare DNS On Any Android Device

How To Use CloudFlare DNS On Any Android Device

Many people have questions regarding, CloudFlare DNS and using it on their Android smartphones. Some, trying to increase their Internet speed just by changing the DNS settings. Here for all people who want to know, How to Make Your Internet Faster with Privacy-Focused DNS Service and to Use CloudFlare DNS, here is the guidepost below.

Update: Cloudflare launched a new Android App which helps to experience better web surfing!

If you are an internet geek or a web developer, you should have known about CloudFlare. CloudFlare is Internet safety and privacy and security provider company. This provides DNS for more advanced security and speed. Domain Name System (DNS) resolver, or recursive DNS server, is more important for using the internet.

How To Use CloudFlare DNS On Any Android Device

Recently it has launched its services for Android mobile platform. It launched own DNS server to help the users resolve the DNS lookup issues. The best thing about this USP is that its main focus is on the privacy and security of the users. and also increase the seed.

This service is available for most of the operating device and we are here to help you with this to get this DNS. So we share the Cloudflare DNS Magisk for you guys!

Use CloudFlare DNS For Android

First of all thanks to the XDA Senior Member ” Rom ” to build CloudFlare DNS for Magisk module. With that DNS module, we can easily use the CloudFlare DNS on your device. Also, We use an app called DNS Changer in this method to use the CloudFlare DNS easily.

How To Use CloudFlare DNS On Any Android Device

Before moving on to CloudFlare DNS let us know what are the other DNS services that are available.

DNS 1 –
DNS 2 –


DNS 1 –
DNS 2 –

Now coming to Cloudflare, it is as mentioned by the company. They also claimed that this DNS is 28% faster than other DNS service provider and this increased the curiosity among all. So let’s go to the instruction to use CloudFlare DNS on any Android devices.

Use CloudFlare DNS

We mentioned two methods how you can use this DNS Service. One involves rooting of the device and other do not require rooting.


  • You must have an Android device running on lollipop or earlier version.
  • The device must be rooted.
  • You should Install Magisk (v16 at least).
  • Try at your own risk!

Download CloudFlare DNS Module

How To Use CloudFlare DNS with Root

  • We need a rooted device particularly rooted with Magisk.
  • Download the Magisk Module from the above download section.
  • Move the downloaded module to the internal storage of your device.
  • Open Magisk manager from the app and click on the menu button.
  • In the options in the menu click on plus icon and it will ask to select the file.
  • Navigate to the location of the downloaded file and select the file and click on the install module.

How To Use CloudFlare DNS On Any Android Device

  • Once done, reboot your device and enjoy CloudFlare DNS.
  • That’s it! You got the Cloudflare DNS Magisk!

How To Use CloudFlare DNS without root

  • On your device go to settings and then to network settings.
  • Now go to wifi and click on the wifi you are connected or the wifi you wanted to modify to use this DNS and select modify settings option.
  • Now move to advanced options and click on IP settings.
  • In the IP settings go to static IP and in the DNS 1 type
  • now move to DNS 2 and type
  • Once done save the settings and you are good to go.

How To Use CloudFlare DNS with App

  • Download the app by name DNS Changer and install it on your device.
Dns Changer (NO ROOT)
Dns Changer (NO ROOT)
Developer: Emre KOÇ
Price: Free
  • After installation open the app and in the DNS 1 input
  • In the DNS 2 type
  • After typing these hit on DNS button which is present on the right corner at the bottom.
  • And in the pop up that appeared click on OK
  • The app will show a success message saying you have successfully changed the DNS.

Disclaimer – We can’t assure any speed improvements from these methods, try them at your own risk.

You have successfully changed the DNS and you can now enjoy the CloudFlare DNS and its awesome features (Cloudflare DNS Magisk).

We hope this guide on How to install the Cloudflare DNS useful to you. This may help you enjoy the speed and privacy of the, also if you are facing any issues then let us know in comments below. Stay tuned for more updates!