How to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk [Easiest Way]

How to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk
Switch from SuperSU to Magisk

Are you trying to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk? This tutorial post will help you Switch from SuperSU to Magisk easily!

Rooting for an Android is the most popular one as it is the important and the first step if you want to install custom ROM. People who always try to install the latest ROM will be aware of Rooting and the features that it gives the android device. It gives features beyond those provided by the mobile provider. It allows trying our own features on our device. Because of such huge advantages and it’s popularity among the people, Lot of software are coming up to make it easy to root any device easily.

We are today here to guide you from switching from one rooting software to another. Supersu and Magisk are the two most popular software in rooting. We will guide you to switch from SuperSu to Magisk.

Do Check: Install ADB & Fastboot

Switch from SuperSU to Magisk

As mentioned, Rooting will provide beyond features for Android devices there also some disadvantages by rooting an Android device. Even though tech enthusiasts never worry about those disadvantages and always try these new features and new frameworks.

How to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk
Switch from SuperSU to Magisk

Because of these disadvantages lot of user regret from rooting a device. The two reasons for not rooting the device are

  1. The first thing that stops users from rooting is Getting bricked device
  2. The second is the device become unstable for some of the apps and cannot use may apps.

The first problem can be avoided by carefully following all the steps. A device gets bricked only if you miss any step or perform some step wrongly. So the first problem can be avoided.

The SafetyNet feature in Android is what stops many apps to work when the system is rooted. When An Android device is rooting by using tools like SuperSu the system partition gets edited. The SafetyNet will sense this and make the device uncertified and restricts a lot of Apps from working considering the device as insecure. While the Magisk is a systemless interface which will help you gaining access without making any changes in the system partition. So with Magisk you can get root access without any issues.

This is the reason we have mentioned the method for our user to switch from Supersu to magisk.


  • TWRP recovery installed
  • Rooted device with SuperSU
  • “Unknown Sources” enabled on your device.


Steps to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk

  • Download and move both the files to the device storage.
  • Boot your device into TWRP recovery by pressing Volume Down + Power button for a while.
  • Tap on install button and choose the file.
  • Just swipe right to start the installation.
  • Go back to the TWRP recovery home screen & Tap on install again.
  • Choose the file and Swipe right to start the installation.
  • Once the process finishes, Reboot the device.

Do Watch the video tutorial about How to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk

Final Words

Carefully follow the above steps and that’s it you have successfully switched from Supersu to Magisk. Hope this process will help you and will remove the second disadvantage of rooting a device.

If you are facing any issues, let us know in comments below. Cheers!