How to install Portrait Modded Camera For Redmi Note 4/4X Snapdragon

How to install Portrait Modded Camera For Redmi Note 4/4X Snapdragon

Have you ever listened to the portrait version? You might have listened to this one as this is the most popular camera these days and everyone wanted to get this app. After Google and iPhone had introduced the portrait version of the camera on their device and the quality of these cameras and the features that they added attracted many to get these apps. These are giving many options for cameras. So here we are getting you the ported version of portrait camera for RedMi 4/4X devices.

After the introduction of these features in the devices from Apple and Google. The feature becomes popular among all and they are trying to get the ported version o try the features. Initially, these features are released only for few devices by the Google and many believed that the hardware of the device must be capable enough to use these features. But this is not wrong. You can use this device in the latest smartphone. You just follow the steps below and you will have your hand on this camera.

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Portrait Modded Camera for Redmi Note 4/4X

How to install Portrait Modded Camera For Redmi Note 4/4X Snapdragon


  • This method is for Redmi 4 and 4X only so you must have one of these devices.
  • And next important step is the bootloader must be unlocked.

Take care that these versions are coming with many bugs and we guarantee that there will not be any errors. careful following steps are necessary for the proper function and if you do something wrong your device will go to the brick stage.

Steps To install Portrait Mod Camera

Download the following files before proceeding and we warn you to take a complete backup of the device so that if something goes wrong you can always recover.

Stage 1

  • Move the downloaded files to the internal storage and unzip them.
  • Connect the smartphone to pc in Fastboot.
  • FInd the file named Red_Wolf recover and open Boot_RedWolf_Recovery.bat.
  • When you open this your device will go to boot into Redwolf recovery.
  • Now in recovery menu tap install and select Magisk v16.0 zip file and install and reboot your device

Stage 2

  • Now after rebooting the device open Magisk Manager and open the menu by swiping from left to right.
  • Now from the options select the optional modules.
  • Now you will find the plus symbol which stands for add new module. Click on the Plus symbol and you will be asked to select the zip file of the module camera2APIEnabler that you downloaded earlier.
  • This will install the module and then reboot the device.
  • After the installation is done install the app PortraitCam.Apk that is in the downloaded files.

That’s it you have successfully installed the ported version of the portrait camera and give it a try and comment your opinion and any problems do comment here