Download & Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 3/Pro (Pixel Experience ROM)

Download & Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 3/Pro (Pixel Experience ROM)
Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 3/Pro (Pixel Experience ROM)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 & Note 3 Pro devices are getting Custom ROM based on Android 9.0 Pie (Pixel Experience ROM). The Pixel Experience ROM for Redmi Note 3 comes with stock Google Pixel like experience and Android P features. You can Download & Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 3 & Redmi Note 3 Pro via Pixel Experience from below!

Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, where you don’t need to install Google Apps manually. The package of ROM comes with Google apps and all Pixel goodies (Launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, Boot animation).

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 gets Android Pie Updates via Pixel Experience ROM. Thanks to the XDA Recognized Developer ‘Carlos Arriaga‘ released the Pixel Experience ROM for Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo). The ROM comes with August month security patches!

Soon, the MIUI 10 Skin based on Android Pie will be released for Note 3. But if you can’t wait, then you can Install Pixel Experience ROM on Redmi Note 3 device by following the below step-by-step instructions.

The Pie ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes with all Android Pie features and to Install this ROM you have to Root and TWRP installed on your Xiaomi device.

Google Pixel Experience ROM For Redmi Note 3

The Android Pie for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 updates come with some Android P features which include Digital Wellbeing dashboard, iPhone X-like swipe navigation, Smart replies, App actions, Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery and it comes with latest August Month Security patch.

Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 3
Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 3

Regarding the custom Pixel Experience 9.0 ROM for Xiaomi devices, everything is working without any issues. But you might face some hardware encryption and Selinux Enforcing problems. The Pixel Experience 9.0 ROM for Xiaomi Note 3 doesn’t have any other issues!

In order to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo) users need to wipe system. It’s very simple to Install Pixel Experience ROM (PIE) on Redmi Note 3.

Pixel Experience 9.0 Pie ROM Details:

ROM OS Version: Android 9.0.0_r1
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
ROM Firmware Required: TWRP, Unlocked bootloader
Based On: AOSP
ROM Status: Beta

What's Working?

Mobile data
Fingerprint reader

Not Working
Hardware encryption
Selinux Enforcing

Let’s get started on How to Install or Update Redmi Note 3 to Android 9 Pie via Pixel Experience ROM (Kenzo).

Pre- Requirements

  • Need Root access on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3/Pro.
  • Install TWRP Custom Recovery on your device.
  • Unlocked bootloader & USB Debugging must be enabled.
  • Take a complete Backup of your device.
  • Make sure your phone has at least 50-60% charged.
  • The Custom ROM shared here only works on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3/Pro.

Disclaimer: If you don’t have any technical knowledge, don’t try! It will damage your device and void your device warranty!

Download Pixel Experience ROM for Redmi Note 3

Android Pie ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo)Download Links
Download Android Pie for Redmi Note 3 (

How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 3

  • Download the required files from above and copy the files to your microSD card.
  • Turn off your mobile and enter Recovery Mode. To enter Recovery mode just Press & Hold Volume Down + Power Key for a while.
  • Now ‘Wipe and Format Option’ followed by ‘Wipe data, System, Cache and Dalvik Cache’ via TWRP custom recovery.
  • Back to recovery menu and click the Install in TWRP & flash ROM option.
  • Go to the downloaded files and select Pixel Experience ROM file and Swipe to the right side for beginning the flashing process.
  • Once the flashing process is done you need to install Gapps.
  • You can simply install the Gapps by following the above method and Wipe Caches.
  • Reboot your device. Your Xiaomi Redmi Note 3/ Note 3 Pro should Boot on Android 9.0 Pie!

To Conclude

Hope you found this guidepost helps you to Download and Install Android 9 Pie Pixel Experience Custom ROM on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Also, do check Lineage OS 16 for Xiaomi Mi 5.

Got problem while trying to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 3 (Pixel Experience Pie ROM)?

If you have any questions while installing the Android P or facing any issues while trying to Install Android P on Redmi Note 3, then do let us know in comments below.

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Source: XDA Forum