How to Submit your Interest to Buy Galaxy Note 9 before Sale?

How to book a Galaxy Note 9 early
How to book a Galaxy Note 9 early

Updated on 9th August 2018: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Official Now!! 

What the problem with Samsung? Are they trying to promote by leaking accidentally? Yesterday, Samsung Note 9 photos are shared on the Samsung official website. And earlier today, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 intro video accidentally posted on their YouTube channel and takedown. Promotion, huh?

We all know, that Samsung gonna announce its new flagship device Galaxy Note 9 on 9th August. Hoping so! But pretty much, more info is leaked already! The leaked intro video confirms its internal storage of 128GB and may have 512GB variant too. Also from the video, the Samsungs brings up a tagline “The new Super Powerful Note” which tells about the bigger battery pack ever!

Samsung Note 9 Wallpapers

Have a look by yourself,

It’s sure Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the next biggest flagship device from the Samsung company. According to some online source, the device will be released on August 24th and yeah all Samsung lovers can’t buy it!

But here is a thing you could do, in order to get a chance to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on the same day 24th August 2018. Yeah, why not give a try? It’s up on your luck!

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How to book a Galaxy Note 9 Early & Get a chance?

These days most of the mobile manufacturers are planning for flash sale. And for that people are asked to register or pre-order the device before the sale day. Similarly, we can submit our interest in the new upcoming Galaxy Note 9 device on their official website.

Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pre-order

Head over to the official website and submit your interest. You can even show the interest using the Samsung App. While submitting your details, make sure you submit correct name, mail id and model of the device.

Once done, sit back and relax! Wait until the day comes! Those who submitted their interest will get access to the Note 9’s pre-order before normal flash sale or whatever.

Hope this info helps you better! To get more updates on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, stay tuned at Alldroidtips!