[Solved] How to Fix Status Error 7 in TWRP Recovery?

How to Fix Status Error 7 in TWRP Recovery?

Have you ever come across such error as error 7 while installing a custom ROM in your rooted android device. It is most common to get an error such as “Status Error 7” while installing the ROM. This particularly appears in rooted phones and tablets. it occurs in TWRP recovery when The ROM’s updates script is unable to find the file that is suitable for your device model.  Or the phone model is present but the script is made for another phone model or might be running another provider network.

In all the above cases you will find this error might happen and in that case, you have to install the device native script.

The ROM updater script is carefully programmed. The updater script always works on a safety mechanism which is called as “Asserts”. What these updates script does is it check the device model and the model of the ROM that is about to install in the device using ro.build .fingerprint. And if both the models match then the safety mechanism allows for the installation. And if the models didn’t match then you will see the Error 7.

The best part is that your phone has not yet bricked and you can recover your phone. But the worst case is the even if both the models match and you got Error 7, in that case, there is an error in the developer’s script and we may not guarantee whether the phone is bricked or not. And Fortunately, these are very rare.

Such Errors can be avoided by proper instruction. You always have to check whether the script is compatible with your device. Also, many users have encountered a “(STATUS 7 Error) installation aborted” but the Fix / Solve guidepost will help you no issues.

Fix Status Error 7 in TWRP Recovery

Method 1: Fix Status Error 7 for TWRP

  1. First, download the ROM  from the official website
  2. Next things are copying the zip ROM file to your PC and unzip it using your favourite archiver (for example, WinRAR and 7zip);
  3. Now after unzipping the file search for a folder by the name META-INF, we will be working on this folder.
  4. Now go the address META-INF/com/google/android line. If you go to that address, you will find two files called “update-binary” and “updater-script“. We are interested in the latter one.
  5. We will be editing this updates script according to our need, so we need to convert this file to a text file.
  6. To Edit this file you have to Rename “updater-script” to “updater-script.txt” and open it in any text editor of your choice (for instance, Notepad++ or notepad).
  7. Now remove the line starting with “assert” to the next semi-colon. Usually, it is the first or a few first lines in the beginning of the text file;
  8. Save the modified file in the same location. And after making the changes we need to change the name of the file to previous ones or else the system will not recognize this file.
  9. Rename “updater-script.txt” back to “updater-script”;
  10. Update all files you have unpacked;
  11. Copy the modified zip-file on your phone
  12. Reboot your Android device into recovery mode and try to update it again. Status Error 7 should be gone.


  • Follow Step 1-3 from METHOD 1.
  • Look for the line assert(getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “HM2014811“ and change the highlighted area with your device name.
  • Now just Save the file after editing as updater-script with the file type – All files(*.*).
  • Zip the file together and try re-installing the ROM on your device. Now the installation will proceed without any issue.

To Wrap Up

Hope this guidepost on How to Fix Status Error 7 in TWRP Recovery is useful and it helps in solving the error you have faced. Feel free to comment if you are still facing issues. Stay tuned for more updates!