How to Block Pop Up Apps on Your Android Smartphone

How to Block Pop Up Apps / Ads
Block Pop Up Apps / Ads

The internet is growing daily because of its large potential. The main earnings for the websites are the ads that are displayed when we browse certain websites. We will sometimes okay with the ads which are displayed on the side of the content. But the most irritating and frustrating ones are the Pop-up ads that just come up without our clicking on the ad. This post is all about How to Block Pop Up Apps on Your Android mobile using default settings in popular web browsers & 3rd party app too!

You can use certain blockers on your computer to get rid of these but in case of an android device, you cannot use any ad blockers to block these pop-ups. So we have decided to tell you a method to block these pop-up that comes in between and irritate us.

We have mentioned some of the methods below but none of them is as good to solve the problem completely.

Block Pop Up Apps on Your Android (For Chrome Users)

First of all, let us all see the method to block the pop-up in chrome because this is the most used browser all over. This method works only with chrome users.

  1. First, open your chrome applications and on the top right corner, you will find three dots. Tap on those dots and you will have certain options.
  2. And now scroll down until you see settings and click on the settings.
  3. And from the list of options select site settings
  4. You will now find an option naming Pop-Ups. Go to that option and turn it to block.

Block Pop Up Apps on Your Android (For Mozilla Firefox users)

Now let us see how o block pop-ups on the another most used browser Firefox. Blocking on this browser is somewhat harder and not to the accurate.

  1. First, open the firefox app that is installed on your device.
  2. Click on the address bar and tye about:config and click next
  3. from the screen that is displayed find the search bar and type dom.disable_open_during_load and select the option dom.disable_open_during_load
  4. Tap the option once to turn from true to false or vice versa. Basically, keep it false to block pop-ups on android device.

Blocking Popup Apps using 3rd Party App

If you don’t want to use any of the methods in the other browser you can install this browser to block pop-ups. This browser known as Brave Browser will contain the inbuilt add blocker to block all types of adds. Just install the app and browse the internet normally and all the pop-ups will be blocked. This is considered to be one of the popular apps to Block Pop Up Apps!

Once downloaded, install it on your devices & it’ll help you avoid most popups. We are not affiliated with Brave browser or promoting it.

To Wrap Up

That’s it, we have know told the 3 methods that can be used to block the pop-ups and get rid of all the irritating apps. There are also more methods that can be used to block the Pop-ups. For Pop-Up Ads, you can use Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android mentioned below,

Adblock Plus für Samsung Internet
Adblock Plus für Samsung Internet
Adblock Fast
Adblock Fast
Developer: Rocketship Apps
Price: Free

Hope you found this post useful & if you’ve got any new tip to share with us on the topic- How to Block Pop Up Apps on Your Android, then let us know in comments below!

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