How to Create a Full Backup of Your Android Phone Without Rooting

How to Backup Your Android Phone Without Rooting
Backup Your Android Phone Without Rooting

The mobile phone has become an important part of a person life. It contains important information. A human being of present generation uses the mobile phone for all his purposes .it contain important contacts, SMS, Important documents. These data which a person stores on mobile are very important to him. Losing these data is the worst thing that can happen to him. Let’s Backup Your Android Phone now!

You might have backed up your data in your mobile and believe that you are safe from losing data. then you are mistaken. even if you have backed up your data on the mobile phone, you will still lose your data in case of mobile damage. So we suggest you to backup your data on a computer, or on cloud storage or on a secondary storage device.

How to Backup Your Android Phone Without Rooting
Backup Your Android Phone

How to Backup your Android Smartphone

When you back up your data on an External device you can always restore your data in case of data loss or even in case of device damage.

We are here to tell you a method to backup all your device data. And the best thing about this method that you don’t needs to root your phone for backing up the data.

In the process of backing up the android data, the thing you need to backup is your contacts.

 Backup your Contacts and Calendar

Backup of contacts is primary thing you need to do as you can contain important contacts of many people.

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Google > Select your Gmail Account > Enable Contacts Sync.

The easy step to backup your contacts is to use the inbuilt feature of any android phone. To do this go to the contacts app. Then you will have a menu option. Click on the menu option and in the lag you find the option import/export contact .clicking on this you will be asked to select the storage where the contacts need to be backed and that’s it, it will back the contacts to a .vcf file.

How to Backup Your Android Phone Without Root

There also another method by which you can backup your contacts .you can backup your contacts to google account .to do this open your google account and open contacts. In contacts import the contacts using you’re backed up .vcf file. By this way, all the contacts are stored in your google account.

You can also activate automatic sync of you devise contacts to google account. Just go to accounts in settings of the mobile. Open the google account to which you want to sync the contacts and just turn on automatic sync. And the contacts will be automatically synced to your google account.

Backup your Photos

  • Go to Settings > Backup & sync > Turn on Backup & sync option.

Photos are an important part of our life in these days. Every moment is captured in these photos. If you want to backup all your photo, we have an official app from Google called google photos. You can install these apps and open them all and activate automatic backup. This will automatically backup all your photos to your google drive.

Backup your Photos
Backup your Photos
Google Fotos
Google Fotos
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Backup of SMS

Every android device has the SMS feature and this contains all your conversations and also the messages you receive some information. And you want these to be backed up and don’t want to lose them. then you can backup these SMS using just an app called as SMS backup and restore. Just Install the app and open the app and click on backup. The app will backup all your SMS to a file in your local store and you can save this in your computer and or in the cloud. Just when you want to restore open the app and click on restore all messages will be restored.

SMS Backup & Restore
SMS Backup & Restore

Backup your Apps

Backup Apps
Backup Apps

You can back all your installed apps using an app called as App backup and restore. This will only backup all your apps but not your app date. For backing up the app data you need to have root access and we are not going to use root in this process. So you cannot backup the app data. There is also the option to back up all the apps to your SD card.

BackUp all Data’s in Single Click

All the above methods will be to backup your data one by one. If you want all your completion date to be backed up at once you can use an app called as Easy Backup and Restore. This is an all in one backup tool that backups all your data such as contacts, SMS, photos, Documents and etc. This app will let you backup your Android phone on an sd card, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box. As the name suggests, you can easily backup your contacts, SMS, call logs, bookmarks, calendar, and apps and restore each individually according to your needs. A good alternative to easily backup and restore is My backup pro that is also an excellent option.

My Backup
My Backup
Developer: Rerware, LLC
Price: Free+

Final Words

Hope this article is useful on How to Backup Your Android Phone Without ROOT. If you are facing any issues, the let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more updates!